• A soldier coughing over his food in the canteen and spreading germs over his colleagues. Colour lithograph, 1941/1945.
  • List of symptoms of HIV infection that lead to AIDS from fever to red or purplish spots on the body; sixth of sixteen advertisement posters by the American Red Cross promoting education about AIDS. Colour lithograph, 1990.
  • A cynical doctor describes the contents of his new cough mixture. Coloured lithograph by C. Jacque, 1844.
  • A man and a woman applying a handkerchief to a television set showing a sneezing man, to prevent the spread of coughs and colds. Colour lithograph after Allan Carter.
  • A sick old man with the woes of old age. Engraving by B. Lépicié, 1745, after Etienne Jeaurat.
  • Lettering urging the use of the handkerchief to prevent the spread of coughs and colds. Lithograph.
  • A man using a handkerchief to prevent the spread of coughs and colds to productive workers. Colour lithograph.
  • A police "Wanted" notice for a man sneezing without a handkerchief. Colour lithograph after Keith Monk.
  • Nine green and red diagrams with Portuguese lettering showing how AIDS is not transmitted including top right, an insect [bite] to bottom right a heart [for faithfulness in marriage]; one of a series of six posters from the Stop AIDS campaign. Colour lithograph.
  • A man (Mr Smit) coughing and sneezing into people in a crowd. Colour lithograph after Hink, 194-.