• Agriculture: a plan for better drainage of fields. Coloured engraving by J. Pass, 1803.
  • A woman with shears holding a sheep; representing June. Engraving.
  • Agriculture: peasants, ploughs and carts of Sardinia. Coloured engraving by A.J. Lallemand after Gonin after Cominotti.
  • Maison rustique, or the covntrey farme / compiled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens and John Liebault ... and translated into English by Richard Svrflet ... Also a short collection of the hunting of the hart, wilde bore, hare, fox, gray, cony; of birds and faulconrie.
  • Cybele, Bacchus, Ceres and Flora on a chariot drawn by lions surrounded by all forms of natural abundance and cherubs, symbolising the element earth. Engraving by E. Baudet, 1695, after F. Albani.
  • Bedford hospital: view of grounds. Lithograph after J. Sunman Austin, 1850.
  • Agriculture: a Chinese rice plantation, with workers transplanting the rice. Engraving by T.A. Prior, c. 1840, after T. Allom.
  • A country scene with many activities depicted: these include, from left to right, picking cherries, bathing, hay-making, hunting, and eating and drinking. Engraving by M. Merian after S. Vrancx.
  • Christ winnowing evil from the human heart; a penitent bathing in the blood and water from Christ's side; an angel locking a dragon in hell. Engraving by H. Goltzius, 1578.
  • The milk marketing fraud / The Vegan Society.