• A vicar using sign language to the congregation at a service at a deaf and dumb church. Wood engraving after A.S. Hartick (?).
  • John the Baptist preaches in the wilderness. Etching by C. Dupuis after C. Maratta.
  • Saint Paul preaches before a crowd in Athens. Mezzotint by J. Simon after Raphael.
  • Leiden, the Netherlands: the anatomy theatre, interior of a church, town weighing establishment and portraits. Line engraving.
  • A man in rags announcing the forthcoming doom, during the great plague in London. Wood engraving by A.B. Frost.
  • Christ preaching before a crowd. Woodcut.
  • A credulous congregation listening to a sermon by a fiery preacher. Engraving by T. Cook, 1798, after W. Hogarth.
  • Johannes Theodorus van der Kemp: above, head and shoulders, wearing hat; below, as missionary preaching to Xhosa or Khoi-Khoi people. Line engraving by C. Pye.
  • John Wesley preaching in a large church. Engraving, 1823.
  • John the Baptist preaching to a crowd at the river Jordan. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after L. Carracci.