• Four female torsos joined at the waist with garden features as heads; symbolising the four seasons in a garden. Etching by T. B., c. 1797.
  • A tree bearing fruit labelled with virtues; representing the life of the Christian. Coloured etching by J. Couse, c. 1780, after J. Bakewell.
  • Naked putti at work in a garden, representing the element earth. Etching by C. Duflos, ca 1750, after F. Boucher.
  • The Foundling Hospital: the main buildings seen from within the grounds. Engraving by W. Wallis after himself, 1816.
  • Two cherubim (?) in a garden pointing to the sky from where an angel looks down on the busy gardeners. Etching by J. Miller after himself.
  • Months of the year: April. Engraving after P. Stevens.
  • Separate pictures of garden fruit, flowers, vegetables, birds, dogs and two monkeys dressed as gardeners. Coloured etchings, 18th century.
  • Hay fever: tips for minimising the effects of pollen on hay fever sufferers in their own gardens. Colour lithograph for the Nederlands Astma Fonds, 1998.
  • Fighting HIV with food gardens ... : healthy food will help people living with HIV to keep strong and help fight sickness / Khomanani.
  • A man carries a large pot plant while, in the background, gardeners are at work. Etching by J.C. Le Vasseur, 18th century, after Teniers.