Charles Borromeo, Saint, 1538-1584


  • Saint Carlo Borromeo: he gives alms to the plague-victims in Milan. Coloured aquatint by L.A. Garneray, 1820, after Martinet.
  • Saint Charles Borromeo receiving a visit from Saint Philip Neri. Engraving by D. Cagnoni after D.M. Fratta.
  • Saint Carlo Borromeo. Coloured etching by G. Rados after R. Leo after Giovanni Battista Crespi,.
  • The Holy Shroud of Turin, the Sainte Chapelle at Chambery and S. Giovanni Battista at Turin; the encounter of Duke Emanuel Philibert of Savoy with Saint Carlo Borromeo at the Porta Palatina; the entombment of Christ' and the presentation of the Holy Shroud to Godfrey of Bouillon in Jerusalem. Colour lithograph by A. Layolo.
  • The church of Saint Charles Borromeo (Karlskirche) and the chapel of Saint Roch, Vienna. Engraving by J.A. Corvinus after S. Kleiner.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin) with the Christ Child, Saint Charles Borromeo, Saint Andrew the Apostle, an unidentified male saint, Saint John the Baptist and angels. Chiaroscuro woodcut by A. Andreani.
  • Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin) with Saint Antony of Padua holding the Christ Child and Saint Philip Neri with Saint Charles Borromeo. Engraving by F. Bartolozzi after A. Balestra.
  • Saint Carlo Borromeo: with a rope around his neck, he kneels before the Cross in the plague-ridden streets of Milan in 1576. Coloured aquatint by L.A. Garneray, 1820, after Martinet.
  • Christ with Saint Ambrose, Saint Mary (the Blessed Virgin), Saint Charles Borromeo, and Saint Thomas the Apostle and angels. Etching by P. Aquila after C. Maratta.
  • Saint Carlo Borromeo. Line engraving by F. Spagnoli after C. Belgiojoso.