Education, Medical

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  • Methods and problems of medical education / Division of Medical Education, Rockefeller Foundation.
  • Matæotechnia medicinæ praxeos. : The vanity of the craft of physick. Or, a new dispensatory: wherein is dissected the errors, ignorance, impostures and supinities of the schools, in their main pillars of purges, blood-letting, fontanels or issues, and diet, &c. and the particular medicines of the shops. With an humble motion for the reformation of the universities, and the whole landscap of physick, and discovering the terra incognita of chymistrie. To the parliament of England. / By Noah Biggs, chymiatrophilos.
  • Salon 1904 : les études de la peinture : carte postale / G. Leroux.
  • Nath. Longbottom in St. Thomas's Street, Southwark, London sells skeletons of different sizes & both sexes, of good colour & accurately articulated; & packs them safe either for sea or land carriage : N.B. he also mounts for such gentlemen as have loose sets of bones : letters post-paid will be duly answered & orders punctually obeyed.
  • Patente di abilitazione in chirurgia, e facoltà di esercitarla : Gli eccellentissimi SS. dottori, ed esaminatori del venerabil Collegio dei Medici, e Cerusici della Città di Firenze in sufficiente numero nella solita lora audienza adunati ... / [Collegio dei Medici di Firenze].
  • Dr Forrest Loveland's journal
  • Qualification to practise medicine, surgery, and midwifery : I ... president of the Royal College of Physicians of London, with the consent of the fellows of the same college, have, under the authority given to us by Royal Charter and Act of Parliament, granted to ... who has satisfied the College of his proficiency, our licence under the said charter to practise physic including therein the practise of medicine, surgery, and midwifery ...
  • Elenco delle dimostrazioni anatomiche che faranno li studenti del ven. arcispedale di S. Giacomo in Augusta detto degl'incurabili : nel teatro anatomico alle ore 22. degl'infrascritti giorni sotto la direzione di Giuseppe Sisco.
  • Diploma approbationis in clinica : Universis, et singulis praesentes litteras visuris, lecturis, et audituris, salutem in domino ...
  • Methods and problems of medical education / Division of Medical Education, Rockefeller Foundation.