Alexandra, Queen, consort of Edward VII, King of Great Britain, 1844-1925


  • Queen Alexandra visiting the sick in the Patrick ward, Dublin Hospital for the Dying, Ireland. Pen and ink drawing by A. Kemp Tebby, 1903, after H. Mills.
  • Alexandra Princess of Wales, standing and holding a rose. Engraving by J. Ballin after H.B. Olrik, 1873.
  • Boer War: Queen Alexandra at Devonshire House, London, presenting war medals to the nurses of the Imperial Yeomanry hospital, South Africa. Pen and ink drawing by O. Paque, 1902.
  • Princess Alexandra taking a carriage ride with a convalescing Prince Albert Edward. Wood engraving by H. Harral, 1872.
  • Alexandra, Princess of Wales with her baby son Albert Victor. Engraving by W. Holl the younger, 1864, after a photograph by V. Heath.
  • The Prince of Wales addressing nurses at a meeting about the National Pension Fund for Nurses, Marlborough House. Wood engraving.
  • The London Hospital, Whitechapel: King Edward VIII and Queen Alexandra in the Finsen Light room. Process print after a drawing by A. Forestier, c.1903.
  • King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra passing though the lines of nurses in St. Paul's Cathedral in June 1903. Ink drawing by A. Kemp Tebby after D. Macpherson, 1903.
  • Opening of Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital, London. Wood engraving, 1886.
  • Queen Alexandra's Hospital for Children with Hip Disease, Queen Square, Holborn: the interior of a ward, with a teacher giving a gymnastics lesson. Photogravure after A. Forestier, 1908.