• Astronomy: a large orrery, mounted on a dodecahedral base, decorated with signs of the zodiac. Engraving.
  • Positively the last times : theatre, Dover : Mr. D.F. Walker... has the honour to announce three astronomical lectures on the Eidouranion; or, large transparent orrery... to commence Saturday, 2d, Monday, 4th, and Tuesday, 5th, August, 1817.
  • Charles Patin, his wife, and family: his wife holding a miniature of his father, one daughter holding an open book, the other an orrery. Engraving by J. Juster, 1691, after N. Jouvenet, 1684.
  • Geography: a combination orrery and globe. Coloured engraving.
  • This evening, Mr. C.H. Adams, will repeat his lecture on astronomy / The King's Theatre.
  • Theatre Royal, Haymarket, made perfectly warm by a powerful air stove in the centre of the pit : on Friday evening, March 10, 1820, and every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, during Lent : Lloyd's dioastrodoxon, the largest and most magnificent orrery in the British Empire and the only transparent orrery ever yet offered to the public.
  • A philosopher giving an astronomical lecture on an orrery. Mezzotint by W. Pether after J. Wright, ca. 1780.
  • Electricity: 28 figures of electrical apparatus and experiments. Engraving by Porter, ca. 1806.
  • The path of the great comet of 1858, will be traced in space, with explanatory remarks / Music Hall, George Street, Edinburgh.
  • A philosopher giving a lecture on the orrery. Mezzotint by W. Pether, 1768, after Joseph Wright of Derby.