Needle sharing

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  • How AIDS can and cannot be transmitted; an advertisement by AIDS-Hilfe Salzburg. Colour lithograph.
  • A syringe forming the 'i' of AIDS with the message: "AIDS. Don't trust other people's fixes" representing an advertisement by the AIDS-Koordination NRW. Colour lithograph by Papen, Hansen.
  • A hand offers a syringe to another hand with a warning about transmission of AIDS through needle-sharing. Colour lithograph, 1988, for the Coordination Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs (French Community in Belgium).
  • A message about how AIDS spreads with the word 'AIDS' in letters with red blood vessel-like roots; an AIDS prevention advertisement for the NGO AIDS Cell Centre for Community Medicine in New Delhi. Colour lithograph, ca. December 1993.
  • A young black man in a tracksuit holding a towel representing the risks involved in dabbling with drugs; advertisement about AIDS by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Lithograph, 1993.
  • A woman drug-user in a white jacket, belted striped top and sunglasses leans against a wall in an alleyway with a message about why she stopped sharing needles; part of the Project Safe campaign by Denver AIDS Prevention. Colour lithograph by Daniel Montano, 1991.
  • A warning that AIDS can be stopped by avoiding casual sex, using condoms, not taking drugs, or used syringes; with the numero verte helpline number; an advertisement by the Ministere della Sanità Commisione nazionale per la lotta contro l'AIDS. Colour lithograph, ca. 1997.
  • Two blurred figures with a warning about the risk of drug abuse and AIDS in Spanish; a poster from the America responds to Aids advertising campaign. Lithograph.
  • An AIDS infected woman with her hand on her head explaining how sharing needles meant she could not have a baby; an AIDS prevention advertisement by the NACO in collaboration with WHO. Colour lithograph, ca. 1997.
  • Two hands shaking with a warning about sharing needles; an AIDS prevention advertisement by SASO, Lifeline, Lighthouse, Kripa and VHAM. Colour lithograph, ca. 1997.