• A lecherous drinker sits with a girl at a barrel table in a dingy tavern. Engraving by P. Canot, c. 1756, after D. Teniers, the younger.
  • Three women in a gin shop divert the landlady's attention while a match boy steals her money. Mezzotint, c. 1765.
  • A woman surgeon and her assistant cupping a patient. Oil painting after Cornelis Dusart.
  • A husband and wife ask a quack doctor for advice about health: he suggests substituting himself for the husband in the wife's affections, and she agrees. Engraving by J.J. Balechou, 1743, after E. Jeaurat.
  • Candle makers' workshop: interior view, process of making candles. Etching.
  • Five men sit smoking round a fireplace, another stands with his back to the fire. Mezzotint after A. van Ostade (?).
  • Six fashionable young men after a drinking session, all with girls in their arms. Engraving, c. 1796.
  • Florence Nightingale. Coloured mezzotint by C.A.Tomkins, 1855, after J. Butterworth.
  • Michelangelo drawing from an anatomized cadaver. Photogravure after M. J. A. Mercié.
  • Christ is circumcised in a crowded church. Engraving by A. Sadeler after J. Speckaert.