• The child Samuel tells the priest Eli of the fate God has in store for him. Engraving by H. Moses, 1829, after J.S. Copley.
  • King Ahaziah lies sick after having fallen through an upper window: Elijah foretells his death. Drawing by H.P. Bone.
  • A radiant Samuel brings word from God to Eli. Line engraving by A.W. Warren, 1816, after E. Bird.
  • The prophet Elisha, inspired by the music of a minstrel, tells the kings of Israel, Judah and Edom that their lands will be irrigated without the aid of rain or wind. Engraving after Jan van der Straet.
  • Ezekiel has a vision of angels and spheres with eyes coasting along the thunderstruck sea. Etching by R. Pranker, 176-, after B. Picart.
  • The child Samuel tells Eli about God's displeasure with him. Wood engraving by A.R. Branston after R. Westall.
  • Two angels blowing trumpets, about to cause disaster at the Apocalypse. Woodcut, c. 16th century.
  • Hezekiah lies sick in his bed; a doctor examines his urine. Process print, 1931, after J. Lamsveld, c. 1700.
  • Lightning pierces through the clouds, heralding the coming of Christ. Engraving by J. Barlow, 1813, after W.M. Craig.
  • The resurrected Christ appears before the apostles and other people. Etching.