• Jesus calls the fishermen from the sea to be his apostles. Etching by J. Wachsmuth after J.C. Tardieu and C.J. Vernet.
  • A young couple in sixteenth-century costume are sitting in a boat on the water, the man has a fishing rod in his hand. Chromotypograph after Louis Leloir.
  • A woman with shears holding a sheep; representing June. Engraving.
  • Maison rustique, or the covntrey farme / compiled in the French tongue by Charles Steuens and John Liebault ... and translated into English by Richard Svrflet ... Also a short collection of the hunting of the hart, wilde bore, hare, fox, gray, cony; of birds and faulconrie.
  • Lourdes and Gave-de-Pau, Hautes Pyrénées, France: peasants fishing with the castle in the background. Lithograph, 1821, after M. Colston.
  • Well, St. Austell, Cornwall. Etching by J. Rowe, 1810, after S. Prout.
  • Crimean War, France: fishwomen carrying the luggage of nurses at Boulogne. Wood engraving by W. Thomas.
  • Fair Mount Water Works, Philadelphia: with Upper Ferry Bridge. Coloured engraving by Ferrer Sears & Co., 1830, C. Burton.
  • A landlord, while fishing, reads property advertisements in the newspaper and exclaims at the levels of rent being asked. Coloured lithograph by A.J.L. Jazet, 1843.
  • A beached basking shark lying next to a fishing trawler. Etching.