Health resorts


  • A man visiting a health resort with his limbs immobilized is watching a wasp flying near him; bath tub in the background. Etching, 1869.
  • A man visiting a health resort is covered with a sheet and lying on a wooden daybed, two men covered with sheets are standing before him; in the background a man with a sheet on his shoulders is filling up a glass with water. Etching, May 1870.
  • Malvern Wells, Great Malvern, Worcestershire. Wood engraving by W. Radclyffe after W.H. Wood.
  • Dinsdale Spa, Durham: people gathered at the riverside. Line engraving by S. Lacey, 1833, after T. Allom.
  • Malvern, Great Malvern, Worcestershire: with a plan of the town. Lithograph.
  • Aix-les-Bains, France: interior of a thermal establishment. Photographic postcard, ca. 1920.
  • Tunbridge Wells, Kent: view of the parade. Engraving by I. Taylor.
  • Hydropathic establishment, Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland: perspective view. Wood engraving by Nisbet, 1881?.
  • Les Eaux-Bonnes, Basses Pyrénées: view from above. Lithograph by E. Ciceri, 1858.
  • The baths and mineral springs, Ems, West Germany. Line engraving by J. Willis after W. Tombleson.