Judgment Day


  • God and his angels sit in judgment; they divide humanity into the elect and the damned. Mezzotint by J. Stephenson after J. Martin.
  • Christ appears in the skies on the day of judgement. Engraving by J. Cole after M. Rota after Michelangelo.
  • Saint Jerome. Engraving by F. de La Mare-Richard after L. de La Hyre.
  • The naked are led to hell on the day of judgement. Etching.
  • The heavens open on the day of judgement; Christ appears above the coast of the Netherlands. Engraving, 16th century.
  • The four horsemen of the Apocalypse galloping through the clouds. Woodcut, 16th century.
  • The Last Judgment: the graves open and the dead emerge. Line engraving by P. de Jode the elder, 1615, after Jean Cousin the younger.
  • Two angels blowing trumpets, about to cause disaster at the Apocalypse. Woodcut, c. 16th century.
  • The ages of man represented in a step scheme; with the divine judgement under the stairs. Coloured etching.
  • The archangel Michael, holding a flaming sword and the scales of justice; in heaven the angels kneel before Christ; representing the Day of Judgement. Woodcut.