Natural history

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  • Dr. Darwin.
  • Dr. Darwin.
  • At the Royal British School Rooms, Harp Alley, Farringdon Street, on Tuesday, 27th of Dec. 1831 at seven o'clock, a scientific lecture on the natural history of animals : ... on Thursday, 29th of Dec. 1831, at seven o'clock, a lecture on astronomy ... / will be delivered by by Mr. Henry Althans.
  • Darwin : geology.
  • Darwin : (miniature sheet) : Galapagos Islands surveyed by Captain Robert FitzRoy and the officers of the HMS Beagle, 1835.
  • Darwin : marine iguana.
  • Darwin : flightless cormorant.
  • Darwin : big idea, big exhibition / Natural History Museum.
  • Dr. Darwin.
  • Darwin : Darwin's tree of life / words: Dorothy Porter.