• The faces of men and women and people at work highlighting that everyone is at risk of HIV/AIDS; an AIDS prevention advertisement by the CII, the Confederation of Indian Industry programme on HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Colour lithograph by Amita P. Gupta, ca. 1997.
  • The male and female signs entwined with two arrows at the centre labelled 'SIDA' within a wavy grey border; a leaflet warning about the AIDS epidemic by the Comissão Nacional de Luta Contra a SIDA. Colour lithograph by Publicis Ciesa, ca. 1996.
  • Die dickste Eiche und Deutschlands dicksten Mann, seht euch in Ostseebad Kellenhusen an : Fünfhundert Pfund und mehr ist Meister Feig schwer.
  • A young, naked man with a wreathed head: back view. Engraving by J.D. Herz after himself, c. 1732.
  • Cupid presides over a group of naked women who sit separated from groups of yearning men; symbolising the passion of love. Etching by J. Audran after C. Gillot.
  • A naked man lies back with a condom on his erect penis; a safe-sex and AIDS prevention advertisement by the Apoio Fundação Mac Arthur. Colour lithograph by 4 Mãos, 1993.
  • Four views of the head of a man surrounded by the words 'me, you, him, us' in spanish and the letters 'SIDA' in each corner; advertising the danger of AIDS. Colour lithograph by Jaume Plensa and Lluis Bover, ca. 1994.
  • Two women tending to a man sick with AIDS surrounded by 4 men in a rural setting within a brown and mustard lined decorative border; an AIDS prevention advertisement by NGO-AIDS Cell, Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS. Colour lithograph by S. Ghosh for Unesco/Aidthi Workshop, March 1995.
  • Men and women from all walks of life including a man in army camouflage uniform, a nurse, a businessman wearing a suit and briefcase and a painter; an advertisement for the Tanzania AIDS Project by USAID and AIDSCap. Colour lithograph, ca. 1996.
  • A mirror image of a man wearing a denim shirt and a message in Italian about how he was not faithful to his ex but he is to the condom; one of a series of safe sex posters from a 'Stop AIDS' campaign by Aiuto AIDS Svizzero in collaboration with the Federal Office of Public Health. Colour lithograph.