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  • The tryal of Spencer Cowper, John Marson, Ellis Stevens, and William Rogers, Gent. : upon an indictment for the murther of Mrs. Sarah Stout, a Quaker. Before Mr. Baron Hatsell, at Hertford Assizes, July 18. 1699. Of which they were acquitted. With the opinions of the eminent physicians and chyrurgeons on both sides concerning drowned bodies, delivered in the tryal. And the several letters produced in court.
  • Punishments of Hell. Chromolithograph.
  • A woman drowning in a sea of jagged green and purple waves. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1969.
  • A storm at sea, with a sailing ship being wrecked on rocks, scavengers on the shore haul in booty. Etching.
  • Left, an anguished face with crosses, hooks and diagonals; right, the hands of a drowning person, with verticals and diagonals. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1977.
  • Important recommendations to rescuers / Royal Life Saving Society.
  • Purple waves, in which seven people are drowning and one is holding an oar. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1970.
  • A woman with long hair drowning. Watercolour by M. Bishop, 1973.
  • Women shelter in fear by a tree, as the deluge sweeps the land. Engraving by L. Truchy.
  • A male dwarf sexually aroused by a sleeping female dwarf. Coloured etching by M. Engelbrecht, after 1715.