• A mountain valley setting in which a woman lies back on a man in a state of semi-undress with her hand over her bare chest next to wild daisies with a motorbike and a deer nearby; German version of a series of safe sex 'Stop AIDS' campaign posters by the Federal Office of Public Health in collaboration with the AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz. Colour lithograph.
  • The anatomy of accidents. No.1, Right and wrong.
  • A pink condom and the 'VW' logo for Volkswagen, the automobile manufacturers, positioned side by side as if two wheels of a car representing an analogy to the safety features of both;with text promoting the safety standards of the new VW golf. Colour lithograph by GGK Basel.
  • Volunteer mobile corps (owner drivers) / W.D. & H.O. Wills.
  • A man in a leather jacket sits in an open-topped red car holding up a thumb on which is a blown up condom; the bottom of a man, (his partner?), wearing shorts can be seen standing next to the car; with the message: 'Without? Without me'; Italian version of a series of safe sex posters from a 'Stop AIDS' poster campaign by the Aiuto AIDS Svizzero, in collaboration with the Office of Public Health. Colour lithograph, 1992.
  • The anatomy of accidents. No.6, Inside story.
  • Nine illustrations following the sequence of events of a date between Yves and Pascale which results in sex with a condom; the illustrations include a car, a chef holding up a restaurant menu, a cinema ticket, a car, a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, 2 cigarettes in an ash tray and a condom packet; an advertisement for safe sex to prevent AIDS. Colour lithograph by P. Petit-Roulet.
  • The anatomy of accidents. No.6, Inside story.
  • The anatomy of accidents. No.3, Casualty at the crossing.
  • Above, Johann (Hans) Hautsch of Nuremberg driving his horseless carriage said to have been powered by clockwork; below, Stephan Farfler, a disabled clockmaker of Altdorf, with two of the hand-powered cars that he devised and built to convey himself to church. Engraving, 1730.