• A jagged yellow, blue and red design with four vignettes representing relationships and messages in German emphasizing self-help by AIDS patients: ; ; an advertisment for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. Colour lithograph for the for the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V., 1996.
  • How AIDS can and cannot be transmitted; an advertisement by AIDS-Hilfe Salzburg. Colour lithograph.
  • Gay sex & AIDS : English / Buro GVO.
  • Ways in which you cannot catch the HIV virus from hugging to telephones; one of a series of fact sheets about AIDS and HIV. Colour lithograph.
  • Six fashionable young men after a drinking session, all with girls in their arms. Engraving, c. 1796.
  • KISS : "tonsil hockey" : number two in a series of six information cards / Terrence Higgins Trust.
  • Gay sex & AIDS : English / Buro GVO.
  • SEX... : free leaflet / The Terrence Higgins Trust ; painting illustrations by John Lupton ; design by Richard Green and Shelley Davies.
  • A collage directed by downward arrows of a photograph of a man, a woman, a drawing of a bed and a condom interpersed with lettering relating to a couple who meet but then come into contact with AIDS; one of a series of posters representing an advertisement for a competition for posters of images against AIDS. Colour lithograph by Delphine Chanet.
  • Gay sex & AIDS : English / Buro GVO.