Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626


  • Francisci Baconi de Verulamio Scripta in natvrali et vniversali philosophia / Edited by Isaacus Gruterus.
  • The essayes or covnsels, civill and morall / of Francis Lo. Vervlam, Viscovnt St. Alban.
  • Francisci Baronis de Vervlamio ... Historia vitae et mortis / Cum annotatioinb. [sic] Barthol. Moseri. Nouiter in lucem data omnibus longioris vitæ cupidis, et secretioris philosophiæ ac medicinæ studiosis perutilis, litteratis deniq[ue] universis lectu iucunda.
  • Historia regni Henrici Septimi, Angliae Regis. Opus vere politicum / [Francis Bacon].
  • The art of living long : a new and improved English version of the treatise by the celebrated Venetian centenarian, Louis Cornaro, with essays / by Joseph Addison, Lord Bacon, and Sir William Temple.
  • The two bookes of Sr Francis Bacon, of the proficience and advancement of learning, divine and humane.