Bisexual men


  • 1 hour HIV testing : fastest fast accessible simple : Waterloo, Thursday evenings 5-8 pm / Terrence Higgins Trust.
  • Condom reinforcement : in February 2005, a new CHAPS programme is launched, aimed solely at reasserting and reinforcing condom use among gay and bisexual men / CHAPS, Terrence Higgins Trust.
  • Rubber up : condoms & lubricant / produced by the Gay Men's Health Project Dublin.
  • "Pride and prejudice" : an exhibition of photographs and images challenging the discrimination aimed at HIV+ gay men within the gay community : Blue Moon Cafe, 36 Broughton Street, Edinburgh Monday 8th February to Sunday 5th March : H.I.V. YOUR stigma is MY reality / produced by HIV+ gay and bisexual men involved with "Juice" (a Waverley Care Trust support group) and Positive Voice, with assistance from Gay Men's Health, Waverley Care Trust and funded by Health Gay Scotland ; photographic work led by Rebecca Marr, design & internet consultant Design Resource Ltd.
  • A group of young gay men wearing grey t-shirts with a question 'Which one of us is gay?' and a list of national contacts for free confidential support groups for gay men in Australia; advertisement by the AFAO [Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations] and Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men's Health Centre. Colour lithograph.
  • Journal d'info mai 2011 : L'ANRS prépare un essai important pour l'avenir de la prévention chez les gays / ANRS, IPERGAY.
  • Four decorative Maori figures within a red oval representing an advertisement for Whakapuakitanga, a support group for young gay or bisexual Māori men; advertisement by the NZ AIDS Foundation and Te Roopu Tautoko Trust. Colour lithograph by Paul Henckel [?], 1993.
  • Big Up : black men who have sex with men delivering HIV/AIDS information to black men who have sex with men / Big Up.
  • Bang : THT @ Rainbows every last Saturday of the month, come and chat! / Terrence Higgins Trust.
  • A man with his back turned looks at a woman and child on his left and another man to his right; warning to bisexual men about the risk of contracting AIDS; advertisement by the State of California AIDS Education Campaign. Lithograph.