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  • John baptises Christ; the holy spirit descends. Etching by J. Mynde, c. 1737.
  • A baptism being administered by a priest in a church. Etching by B. Picart.
  • A bishop baptizes a child held by its mother. Lithograph by J.G. Schreiner after M. Seitz after H.M. von Hess.
  • A congregation going to a baptism in the canton of Lucerne, Switzerland. Lithograph.
  • Saint Paulinus of York baptizes Edwin king of Northumbria. Engraving by W. Walker after S. Wale.
  • A family enters a church at Ariccia for the christening of a child. Engraving by L. Stocks after P. Williams.
  • John baptises Christ in the Jordan. Engraving by P. Galle, 1564, after M. van Heemskerck.
  • John the Baptist preaching to a crowd at the river Jordan. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after L. Carracci.
  • Saint Boniface: he baptizes Germans. Engraving by H. Kipp after K. Clasen.
  • Bottle of water from the River Jordan, collected 1930