Frederick III, German Emperor, 1831-1888


  • Victoria (Vicky) Adelaide Louise, Princess Royal of England and later Empress of Germany, with her husband Friedrich, Crown Prince of Prussia, later Emperor of Germany. Photograph by L. Haase & Co, Berlin.
  • The death of the Emperor Friedrich III in San Remo: the doctors gathered in another room to discuss the case. Wood engraving by P. Naumann after A. Forestier, 1888.
  • Franco-Prussian War: the Crown Prince visiting the wounded. Wood engraving by H. Woods.
  • The funeral of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany, in 1888. Wood engraving, ca. 1888.
  • Franco-Prussian War: Crown Prince Frederick touring wounded soldiers at Versailles. Wood engraving.
  • Queen Victoria and her family: a composition carte de visite. Photograph.
  • Friedrich III, Crown Prince of Germany. Photograph by Reichard & Lindner, 1887.