Gardiner, James

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  • A man holding a trumpet, with flowers, celebrating Saint Cecilia's day. Coloured photographic postcard, 1931.
  • Harold Chapman in drag poses with Mark Leslie dressed as a Golliwog, in an act for the Bow Bells. Photographic postcard, 191-.
  • George Coutts in drag. Photographic postcard, 194-.
  • British airforce servicemen performing a sketch, striking an animated pose. Photograph, 1918.
  • British servicemen in drag acting out a cooking class. Photograph, 191-.
  • Hermes. Photographic postcard after E. Herter, 193-.
  • Albert Letine in drag. Postcard, ca. 1907.
  • George Hackenschmidt, a wrestler. Process print, 190-.
  • A 'gay' dog. Photographic postcard, ca. 1911.
  • Oscar Wilde. Process print, ca. 1910.
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