Fall of man


  • In the Garden of Eden, while the serpent curls around the tree of knowledge, Eve is about to taste the apple. Coloured etching, 17--.
  • The serpent entwines itself around the body of Eve; it whispers in her ear, enticing her to eat the forbidden fruit. Photogravure by Lemercier and co. after Walter Crane, 1899.
  • A couple in animal skins (Adam and Eve?) journeying with three children after the expulsion. Coloured stipple engraving.
  • Adam and Eve are driven from Eden by an angel. Etching by J.E. Ridinger after himself, c. 1750.
  • Adam and Eve with the serpent and other animals in the garden of Eden. Engraving by C.J. Visscher after N. de Bruyn.
  • God looks on unimpressed as Adam blames Eve for the transgression. Engraving by P.I. Drevet, c. 1720, after N. Coypel.
  • The serpent passes the fruit to Eve while Adam holds onto a branch. Line engraving after A. Durer.
  • A woman plays music to a stag; God condemns Adam and Eve to exile; representing the sense of hearing. Engraving by N. de Bruyn after M. de Vos.
  • Eve shows Adam the apple she has bitten. Etching by W. Unger after J. Palma the elder.
  • Eve receives the forbidden fruit from a serpent in the shape of a woman; the angel expels Adam and Eve from paradise. Engraving by A. Capellan, 1772, after Michelangelo.