Cooking, English


  • The housekeeper's instructor; or, universal family cook / Being an ample and clear display of the art of cookery in all its various branches. Containing proper directions for dressing all kinds of butcher's meat, poultry, game, fish ... To which is added, the complete art of carving, illustrated with engravings ... bills of fare for every month in the year ... / by William Augustus Henderson.
  • The British housewife: or the cook, housekeeper's, and gardiner's companion. Calculated for the service both of London and the country : and directing what is necessary to be done in the providing for, conducting, and managing a family throughout the year ... Together with the nature of all kinds of foods, and the method of suiting them to different constitutions; a bill of fare for each month, the art of marketing and chusing fresh provisions of all kinds... With the conduct of a family in respect of health; the disorders to which they are every month liable, and the most approved remedies for each and a variety of other valuable particulars, necessary to be known in all families ... / by Mrs. Martha Bradley.
  • The complete art of cookery, exhibited in a plain and easy manner. With directions for marketing, the season of the year for butchers' meat, poultry, fish, &c. : embellished with engravings, shewing the art of trussing, carving, etc. etc. etc / by Mrs. Glasse.
  • The professed cook: or, the modern art of cookery, pastry, and confectionary, made plain and easy. Consisting of the most approved methods in the French as well as English cookery. In which the French names of all the different dishes are given and explained, whereby every bill of fare becomes intelligible and familiar. Containing I. Of soups, gravy, cullis and broths ... XXII. Ratafias, and other cordials, &c. Including a translation of Les soupers de la cour [by Menon]; with the addition of the best receipts which have ever appeared in the French or English languages, and adapted to the London markets / [B Clermont].