Musical instruments

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  • Snake charmer with wife holding the snake. Gouache drawing.
  • Saint Cecilia with Saint Paul the Apostle, Saint John the Evangelist, a bishop and Saint Mary Magdalen. Drawing by F. Rosaspina, c. 1830, after Raphael.
  • Aeolus, at the request of Juno, opens a door in a mountainside, releasing the winds that will wreck the fleet of Aeneas; representing the element air. Engraving by C. Dupuis, 1718, after Louis de Boullogne the younger.
  • An itinerant musician playing to an audience using an instrument that is partly made out of an animal's bladder. Drypoint by L. Flameng.
  • A begging Brahman performing a ritual with his wife. Gouache drawing.
  • A sleeping pedlar's posterior is examined by monkeys, who play with his goods. Line engraving after P. van Harlingen after P. Bruegel, c. 1610.
  • Musée du Congo, Tervuren, Belgium: one of five interior scenes. Collotype.
  • An old man with a wooden leg, probably a former soldier, marches with a shouldered broomstick to the drum beaten by a child behind him. Lithograph by T. Farlow after R. Farrier.
  • Demonstrations of the arts and sciences in a classical courtyard. Etching by J. Sturt after S. Le Clerc.
  • Cupid (Love) with arrows sits next to items representing arts and sciences. Etching by H. Winstanley, 17--, after F. Snyders and A. van Dyck.