South Africa


  • South Africa: Africans in front of a traditional kraal hut. Albumen print.
  • Common sicknesses of people with HIV and AIDS / Khomanani.
  • Lover's Walk, South Africa: a narrow lane obstructed by an uprooted tree and swollen stream. Woodburytype, 1888, after a photograph by Robert Harris.
  • Meiring's Poort, South Africa: a mountain pass with horses and wagon. Woodburytype, 1888, after a photograph by Robert Harris.
  • A Zulu medicine man dancing in order to detect which one of the women seated around them has bewitched their ruler. Gouache by W.R.S. Stott, 1928.
  • Boer War: the reading-room at the field hospital, Wynberg, South Africa. Halftone, 1900, after R. Thomas.
  • Boer War: the grave of men of the Naval Brigade who were killed in the battle of Graspan. Halftone, c. 1899, after H. E. Miles.
  • Ke loketšwe ke eng? /Kgoroya ya maphelo Republike ya Afrika Borwa.
  • Boer War: wounded soldiers lying inside a hospital train. Halftone, c.1900.
  • Anti-retroviral treatment (ART) : answers to common questions / Khomanani.