Fleet Street (London, England)


  • Now exhibiting for a short time, at 122, Fleet Street, City, opposite Punch's office : Just arrived from America the greatest wonder of the world. The great American prize lady, Miss C. Heenan ... heaviest female living, weighing 40 stone ...
  • [Undated newspaper cutting (early 19th century?) about Dock, the Wild Indian Venus, a Brazilian of the Butucudos tribe with a lower lip plate and ear tips resting on her shoulders, to be seen "at the Crown Hotel".  ].
  • Hopkin Hopkins : the wonderful and surpising little Welchman.
  • The great American Prize Lady Miss C. Heenan with her four prize presentation cups : now exhibiting for a short time only at 122, Fleet St, London.
  • To be seen at the White Horse Inn, in Fleet Street : the wonderful short woman, born in Salisbury, no more than two feet, nine inches high, straight grown, 31 years of age ... [Public Advertiser, January 7, 1741.].