Lilly, William, 1602-1681


  • Anima astrologiae: or, a guide for astrologers. Being the considerations of the famous Guido Bonatus, faithfully rendred into English. As also the choicest aphorisms of Cardans Seaven segments translated and methodically digested under their proper heads. ; with a new table of the fixed stars, rectified for several years to come, and divers other necessary illustrations. A work most useful and necessary for all students, and recommended as such to the sons of art / [Ed.] By William Lilly.
  • The book of knowledge; treating of the wisdom of the ancients. In four parts. I Shewing the various and wonderful operations of the signs and planets ... II. Prognostications for ever, necessary to keep the body in health ... III. An abstract of the art of physiognomy and palmestry ... IV. The farmer's kalendar ... / Written by Errapater ... Made English by W. Lilley ... To which is added, The dealer's directory; containing, 1. The true form of all sorts of bills, bonds ... 2. The best method of getting in debts ... 3. An account of weights, measures, numbers, coins.