Woodward, G. M. (George Moutard), approximately 1760-1809

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  • A lady retiring to bed, and ordering her maid to look after her artificial aids to beauty (wig, teeth, glass eye etc.). Coloured etching by P. Roberts after G.M Woodward.
  • A couple of country folk consulting a decrepit doctor; a servant smiles menacingly in the doorway. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson, 1809, after G.M. Woodward.
  • A doctor prescribing continuation of treatment to his reluctant patient. Coloured etching by T. Rowlandson, 1799, after G.M. Woodward.
  • A large woman and a small dog relieving themselves in a bush; a woman standing to the left attempts to assist by shielding the woman with a large fan. Coloured etching by R. Hixon, 1800, after G.M. Woodward.
  • Nonsense talked by a cobbler compared to the talk of a parson and a surgeon-apothecary. Coloured etching attributed to C. Williams, ca. 1812.
  • A new apothecary's shop open for business, with parody advertisements for different potions; representing the remedies required for different professions and social types. Coloured etching after G.M. Woodward, 1802.
  • People living a life of fantasy as a result of being excessively influenced by reading novels. Coloured etching after G.M. Woodward, 1800.
  • A woman falling headfirst through an open cellar-door outside a pharmacy, and a man expressing his concern. Coloured etching by I. Cruikshank after G.M. Woodward, 1798.
  • A sailor, proposed as a member of a society in which masks are worn at meetings, makes enquiries to its chairman using nautical vocabulary. Lithograph by C.J.W. Winter after G.M. Woodward.
  • A Church of England rector seated at table as a servant brings a roasted pig on a dish. Aquatint after G.M. Woodward.
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