Wellcome feedback

25 March 2016

Wellcome Collection is anything but conventional, even when it comes to the way we evaluate ourselves. Like many organisations, we’re interested in the experience, attitudes and behaviour of our audiences as they visit Wellcome Collection. One of the ways we explore this looks at behaviour, without any preconceptions about what visitors will do, in a participative way. Felisa Dios Bascuas tells us about one example of this and shares her favourites.

“Creative Investigation” is a new way in which we’re receiving feedback from our visitors. We are evaluating our spaces and what we do in them in a creative way by allowing our visitors to give feedback in any way they see fit, be it drawing, poetry or anything else that fits on one of our comment cards. Our aim is to get a better understanding of why people visit Wellcome Collection and our exhibitions, what their opinions are about the spaces themselves, as well as what we do. We basically want to know what you think of us and what/how we can improve.

We have a number of comment card boxes placed around the building, along with cards that have questions on them for you to answer. Each one of those answers is looked at and put into our feedback system. Each one is taken into account.

These cards, and the way we’ve asked for feedback, give us an interesting insight into our visitors and their experience; sometimes words can’t really describe how we’ve experienced something and expressing views in drawings, poetry , etc. can be an easier and, hopefully, more fun way of doing that.

Here are some examples of the creative comment cards we’ve received so far. They all show and explain, without needing many (or any) words how a visit to Wellcome Collection has made people feel or think.

Our favourites are being posted to our Tumblr daily to showcase your creative responses, whether they’re drawings, poems or however else people have fed back about their experience. Next time you visit, why not add your own?

Felisa is the Business and Admin Assistant at Wellcome Collection.