The thing is… Lister’s legacy

14 June 2011
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Lister seated in male casulty ward of Kings College Hospital, 1891. Wellcome Images

MRSA and C. difficile may be relative new-comers on the scene, but hospital acquired infections have been around as long as hospitals have. It was Joseph Lister’s groundbreaking work on aseptic surgery which offered the first hope of a solution in this life-or-death situation.

Join Professor Hugh Pennington, an eminent microbiologist who has advised on numerous outbreaks of E. coli, C. difficile and other infections, to find out more about his hero Lister, the impact of Lister’s work and how it relates to the challenges facing us today.

The event will be hosted by Quentin Cooper from Radio 4’s Material World, and feature a mystery object – to be revealed at the event.

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