The place next door

16 September 2010

 Visitors examine Bleigiessen at a previous Open House
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Visitors examine 'Bleigiessen' at a previous Open House

When you pass through the grand classical entrance to Wellcome Collection, have you ever wondered what the rather more modern building next door is? It’s where we work, and a chance to have a look inside is just around the corner.

The Gibbs Building, headquarters of the Wellcome Collection’s parent organisation, the Wellcome Trust, will be open this Saturday 18 September, between 10am and 5pm. Opening is part of Open House London, the architectural weekend when Londoners get to scrabble around in intriguing buildings to which access is normally denied.

The Gibbs Building is named after the Trust’s former chairman Sir Roger Gibbs, the man who oversaw the transformation of the Trust into the world’s largest medical research charity. Finally achieving Sir Henry Wellcome’s ambition of the Wellcome enterprise occupying the entire block on the Euston Road between Gower Street and Gordon Street, the building opened in 2004, providing a single workplace for the Trust’s staff, and allowing for the refurbishment of 183 Euston Road into a public events and exhibition venue.

Not the least of your reasons for paying a visit should be the opportunity to see our stunning ‘Bleigiessen‘ sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick. 150 000 individual glass spheres are suspended on nearly a million meters of stainless steel wire, producing a constant shimmering rainbow effect.

You can find further details on the Open House London website.