Stretching a point

26 August 2010

 Didier Fiuza-Faustino, from (G)Host in the (S)Hell, 21' 26"
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Didier Fiuza-Faustino, from (G)Host in the (S)Hell, 21' 26"

As part of our current Skin exhibition, we’re putting on a series of events dedicated to the science and art of the human skin, showing that skin deep is deeper than you think. On the 9th September we’ll be presenting Treats on Elasticity, presented by the Pars foundation (aka Astrid van Baalen & Hester Aardse).

The event is born out of their latest published work, the second volume in the Atlas of Creative Thinking, Findings on Elasticity, following on from their earlier Findings on Ice. It’s a multidisciplinary approach to the subject of stretching, featuring artists, scientists and musicians.

It’s a mind-bending and wonderful collection: in it you’ll find a paean to the pleasure of finding a mathematical lemma, or proof, relating to the elasticity of an imaginary rod wrapped around an imaginary cylinder; a geologist discussing how to model the elasticity of the earth’s crust and Ioana Ieronim’s Ditty for One String, an ode to the elasticity that produces the vibrations that make music. We also find out why elasticity is not necessarily a good thing in a spider’s web (a hungry arachnid doesn’t want to see her fly bouncing off like a trampolinist), and why, at the quantum level, space and time themselves are elastic (likened by physicist John Wheeler to bath foam).

If you want to bone up beforehand, you can buy the book; or simply broaden your horizons at the event itself.