Stories in ‘Things’

13 October 2010

 Model of a Space Station

A few more artworks are appearing in ‘Things’. One contributor has loaned a perspex model of ‘Space Station’, a sculpture by the artist Antony Gormley. It is a maquette for a final sculpture measuring 6 x 9.5 x 6.5 m and made of Corten Steel. The work was exhibited at the Hayward Gallery, London, in 2007.

There have also been a number of sentimental objects loaned to ‘Things’, accompanied by their owners’ stories. Many of these, such as ‘Seagull on a Rock’, have been kept as reminders:

A girl who I was having a love affair with went to Torquay. When she came back she gave me this as a gift. She also told me she was torn over whether to continue our romance or to return to her boyfriend. As my feelings for her were not strong enough, I advised her to return to her boyfriend and this silly seagull has come to represent the whole silly episode.

 Seagull on a rock/unwanted birds

Another of these items, a plastic money box called  ‘Woman in The Shoe’, is from the owner’s childhood:

This object or ‘thing’ I have had since I was a child and loved putting putting coins in so that the old woman popped up.

 Woman in The Shoe Plastic Money Box