Sight and sound

10 March 2010

 Retinal image

Our new Packed Lunch podcast goes live today. Packed Lunch is a series of lunchtime talks here at Wellcome Collection where local scientists talk about their latest experiments and life in the lab while you eat your (packed) lunch. We’ve recorded them and turned them into a podcast so that you can catch up. Listen to the latest episode above, in which Pete Coffey talks about the possibility of restoring lost sight using stem cell technology. Subscribe to the podcast using the links above, or listen via a player on our website, where you’ll also find the complete archive:

Packed lunch events are free and open to all (and you get the opportunity to ask your own questions at the live event). The next one takes place next Friday (19 March), when Tali Sharot talks about optimism.

(If you’re wondering what the psychedelic-looking image above the podcast is, by the way: it’s the left retina of the Wellcome Trust’s very own Giles Newton.)