Re-gifting and gift-using

14 October 2010

There have been a number of objects gifted to the collection, which were originally received by the donors as gifts.  These Things have been twice given with some form of love, care or thought.  Or have some of them perhaps been pushed out of sight to a new home, as a means of getting rid of an unwanted object?  Here are a few of the items that have been regifted to the Things collection, that now have a new life.

A soap carrying fairy, who was a representation of the person who donated her to Things, was originally given by the donor’s mother-in-law.
She is now January 22nd.

A piece of rose quartz given by a crystal obsessed bride is now the 4th June

A regifted kiss makes up 9th May.
The kiss is maybe a different case as it’s changed its form between giftings. Now it kisses from paper, before it sent its message from a mirror. This gift is able to be used twice having been enjoyed by its donor too.

Other objects were gifted having found no purpose in their donor’s lives.

The donor of this apple box bought it having jealously watched a friend who owned one, but found no use for it once it was in her grasp. You can see it and its story on 17th March in the collection.

This plastic toy cannonball, which is now being 2nd November, is a beautiful, shiny object, that had never found a function in its donor’s working life.

The object’s been in my house for many years – as an animator in training I have used almost everything from my past in set design – except this object. It’s the one thing I haven’t found a use for.

This stapler has emigrated with its owner three times, yet it has never even contained staples.
It had become a symbol for its donor as it

calls up happy images of home and productivity

Now it is September 5th.

I wonder which of these donors is relieved to no longer have the object in their home or if they are suddenly missing these Things they thought they didn’t need.  Here in the collection, their very presence is their use and we’re delighted to receive them all.