Photo things

19 October 2010

Throughout the course of ‘Things’, many of the items contributed to the exhibition have been photographs, one of which being a World War I photo album. The item is a book holding a collection of photos depicting the happenings of a Scottish Hospital during the war, including a few of men dressed up a nurses.

 World War I Photograph Book

Another, and quite personal thing is a scan of a contributor’s unborn baby daughter:

“Scan from this morning at UCH hospital. My husband hasn’t seen it yet and it’s now in an exhibition.”

 My baby daughter Letty Jacob

Another family item has been that of a photograph of its owner’s mother looking very much like her:

“I moved from home when I was really young and I used to find it quite difficult to relate with my mum. When I found this picture – I look very like her in there – I suddenly could see lots of things about her, and me.”

 A picture of my mum looking very much like me

In addition to this we have revived many other things of a not very three-dimensional nature such as a phone card, a teabag, and a piece of African cloth sent from Zimbabwe. The most memorable of these has been a Train Ticket to the Wrong Destination:

“I lived with my current girlfriend during the first year of university, during which time we became very good friends. During the summer holidays she went on a trip abroad to America for 10 weeks. On her arrival home, we met up. This is the train ticket which took us to Liverpool, not ‘NORTHWIRRALLINES’. When we got home, our friendship changed…”

 Train Ticket: To the wrong destination