May the force be with you: a personal magnetism guide

9 May 2017

With the snap general election creeping ever closer, we thought UK politicians might appreciate some friendly advice on how to be more magnetic. Our top tip for the power hungry? Never underestimate the importance of hands, and how you use them.

You perhaps have never thought that you are yourself a sort of electrical storage battery, constantly receiving and discharging force; sending out currents of attraction and repulsion. Harnessing this force can bring health, happiness, power and success.

Lesson I: The Presence of Mental Currents

Now there is a Force at work evidently.

Is it the Force of Thought?

No. Because it manifests itself without Thought on your part. It may be, and is, added to Thought.

Is it Electricity?

Electricity is only a name for an unknown Force.

What is it?

It is called Magnetism, because we do not know what else to call it. It may well be called a mental current, very like an electric current in many ways. It is a Force which we can learn to employ, learn to govern, as we have learned to govern Electricity without understanding its composition. It is a mystery in its source; let us simply accept it as we do the mystery of Life itself, and pass on to the use of the Force.

 A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism book cover
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A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism, The Victorian Guide to Health, Happiness, Power and Success

Lesson IX: Magnetic Hands and Fingers

If you can gently slap a person on the shoulder in a more artful than a bold way, and, at the same time, concentrate your mind upon the contact, and will that you emit a current of your magnetism to them, you will find that in many cases he will experience a tingling feeling of warmth, or a noticeable shock as from an electric battery.

There is no one that is not susceptible to magnetism, but there is a big difference in people. Those who have a powerful mentality could only be influenced by another of exceedingly powerful mentality. Before you can influence another they must be in a passive or open mind. Those who you think you could least affect would be the easiest for you to affect.

Never try to influence a person when they are excited, nervous or under great anxiety or mental trouble. If these conditions exist try to remove them by sympathy, cheerfulness and your assurance that everything will probably turn out all right in the end. The more passive a person is, the easier he is to affect.

The hands can be made a powerful means of imparting your magnetic fluid to others. If your hands are naturally soft and silky, and perspire freely, it is of great help, as the magnetic fluid has an easy outlet. But if your hands are not so they must be made so by dabbing them with some good oil every night. Also rub your hands together a good deal. In this way your circulation is increased. This will soften and freshen them up, and cause the magnetic fluid to flow more freely.

Whenever you have the chance of placing your hands on one you wish to influence you should do it, and at the same time will that you are imparting a flow of your magnetism to them. This will arouse the force within you and increase your magnetic power.

This extract is taken from A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism, The Victorian Guide to Health, Happiness, Power and Success published by Wellcome Collection to accompany the exhibition Electricity: The spark of life.