Module Units: Alexia Roumpou

16 May 2014

Module Units is an installation of young artists’  work from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Central Foundation Boys’  School. This collaborative display of artwork was initially inspired by our recent Foreign Bodies, Common Ground exhibition and our permanent collections, and has been coordinated and curated by artist Verity-Jane Keefe. Hear from the artists who took part in the project as they discuss the project as a whole as well as the final installation of their work.

Alexia Roumpou, Central Saint Martins Progression group

Observing my piece in a professional space  surrounded in a variety of different fragments made me understand how important this project was.

The experience I gained from this exhibition made me think deeper about the process of making and also made me think in a more mature and skilful way. It was interesting to see the viewers look at my piece and try to understand what I’m trying to express.

 Alexia 1

The curation of the pieces was interesting too; I’ve never seen something like this before.

Doing this exhibition helped me focus and manage my time. I’m glad I participated: now I understand how challenging it is to put your work together and exhibit it, but it’s worth the time you spend and I would definitely do it again.

Read Alexia’s personal statement about her work and see an image that relates to the process of creating it here.