Last hand-in day at ‘Things’

19 October 2010

 African Percussion Instrument- Northern Kenya

Today is the last day for handing in your items to ‘Things’. Things can either be gifted or loaned to the project and, after today, will be on public display in the exhibition until Friday 22 October. So far today we have been receiving a steady stream of objects such as an African percussion instrument from Northern Kenya, along with other items with interesting origins. These include a small piece of Delftware dug up in a contributor’s back garden, as well as one, a (full) bottle of Mateus Vino de Mesa Rose, that doesn’t quite live up to what its label offers:

The promise that by drinking this you can be in foreign lands, Portugal, Venice…(or in the distribution centre in Southampton)

 Mateus- Vino de Mesa Rose

Many of the items are of practical use, but taken out of their everyday context and placed on display they take on a new interest in terms of their appearance. A Swedish Christmas cookie cutter invites further investigation. The object, being six-sided, is rather unusual in its design, having a different cookie-cutting shape on each face. Its owner offers up a story to accompany the memento:

My mother is Swedish and every year as children we would bake special Swedish Christmas cookies. The dough took five days to be ready and we had to roll them as thin as could be. I don’t make them anymore but this sits on my kitchen shelf and evokes the memories of spicy ginger baking smells and the excitement of Christmas.

 swedish christmas cookie cutter