John Gerrard: Frogs in Space

27 March 2017

Artist John Gerrard talks about his new commission, a live simulation of an astronaut and a frog in zero gravity.

In this video, artist John Gerrard talks about his newly-developed commission for ‘Electricity: The spark of life‘. Gerrard’s ‘X. laevis (Spacelab) 2017′ responds to Luigi Galvani’s famous 18th-century experiments on the effects of electricity on amputated frogs’ legs, and to a video of a frog in zero gravity shot aboard the NASA space shuttle Endeavour in 1992.

Gerrard’s live simulation features a frog suspended in space between the hands of an astronaut, calling attention to the scientific relationship between humans and animals, and anticipating a future in which sustaining life beyond Earth may become critical to human survival.


John Gerrard / X. laevis (Spacelab) 2017
Produced by Werner Poetzelberger
Programmed by Helmut Bressler
Modelling by Max Loegler
Rigging and posing by Michael Buettner
Installation development and technical design by Jakob Illera/Inseq Design
Hand modelling by Esther Balfe
Game engine by Unigine