From the gallery floor

12 October 2010

 Beatles Russian Doll Belonging to Jo Brand

‘Things’ opened at 10AM this morning, but already we’ve received a few interesting items from a variety of owners.

A small Patrick Heron gouache has been loaned to the exhibition by Janet Street-Porter. Porter knew the artist’s daughter as a student and was later given the painting by Heron.

One of the more unusual items – a Beatles-themed Russian doll – has been contributed by Jo Brand. The piece of memorabilia, starting with John Lennon on the outside, and going all the way down to a little Ringo, was given to the comedian as a present.

This was followed by Alan Yentob’s Maoist propaganda alarm clock, complete with the ticking arm of a man holding Mao’s Little Red Book, and Jon Snow’s cufflinks, worn by the Channel 4 Newsreader on every show  since 1989. Snow is rather superstitious and wonders how he will get through the next two weeks without them.

The latest items to arrive range from a much loved teapot to a Guatemalan rattle, many having sentimental value. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to more objects arriving, either loaned or gifted, along with the curious stories that accompany them.