End of day one

12 October 2010

 Desk Tidy Sculpture

We’re coming to the end of the first day of ‘Things’ and have been surprised by the number of items being brought in so early on. Some of them are artworks themselves, like the desk tidy sculpture made by one contributor’s daughter:

A young artist’s first desk tidy sculpture. My daughter was delighted that I had taken this to use at work. At five, it is her very first piece of office design. I love having such a lovely piece of carefree expression on my desk. She loves Christmas, hence the picture.

Other things include objects more ordinarily associated with museum collections such as a Nigerian wooden figure and a brass engraved coin, many of which are family heirlooms.

 Sandcast metal toffe hammer

In addition to this, some contributors have chosen to gift their things to the project, as opposed to loaning them for the duration of the exhibition. A toffee hammer has been given to ‘Things’ along with an anecdote from its previous owner:

According to my research these hammers were given away by the Blue Bird toffee company as a promotional freebie. Blue Bird sweets were in their heyday in the 1920s/1930s and specially during the second world war. A kind of enlightened model company, Blue Bird built homes for its work-force etc…

 Ben's Milk Teeth

There are also a few more curious things arriving, one being an item named ‘Ben’s milk teeth’; a mother’s collection of a grown child’s teeth stored for thirty years in a plastic treasure chest found in a Christmas cracker. Another is a an old can of shaving foam, stored away by the owner many years ago when he bought an electric razor.