Dazed sex survey results

17 November 2014

From Natsal to the Guardian, large scale sex surveys have been carried out for decades , the results of which offer a fascinating glimpse into our sex lives. One such survey, carried out by Dazed in September 2014, targeted young people, or “generation swipe” as some refer to today’s younger generation. Dazed released the results of their sex survey this morning and we provide a teaser below (words by Charlie Robin Jones).


  • Men are twice as likely to lie about their identity online
  • Overall, 50% of us send naked selfies

Once upon a time, you would have to wait for a partner to drop a white hankie or walk over to you at the local dance hall. Or, for that matter, write you a love letter. Today, however, the phones in our hands have become essentially linked to who we hook up with, and how we express our affection. That gay men use apps to get laid will surprise no-one, but still, the numbers were striking – over 50% primarily use apps to hook up, compared with the hetrosexual 10%.


  • Gay men are the best at using protection
  • Overall though, a minority of people use protection “all the time”, with most using it a rather ambiguous-sounding “sometimes”

The big headline stat here is that 44% use protection all the time, 46% some of time, 10% never. Gay men are the most careful demographic, with over 50% always using a condom, and less than 5% saying never – though that of course leaves 40% in the ambiguous “sometimes” category. Gay women, alternatively, use protection the least, with over two thirds never using protection, and under 20% using it always.

Porn and fantasy

  • Men and women both like porn, but only 4% of women watch porn more than five times a week, compared with a third of men

Consumption and viewing of porn has been transformed: if there’s one thing that the internet has truly revolutionised, it’s finding pictures and videos of naked strangers. And you, on the whole, love it: while a quarter of respondents never watch pornography, 59% watch it one-five times a week, and 16% six or more times. Both women and men like it – around three out of five watch it at least once a week, regardless of gender.

Love, sexuality, relationships and hook ups

  • Nearly 80% of people say that sex is important to them, with the highest numbers being straight men or bisexual women
  • Sex becomes increasingly important to us as we get older

One of the most eye-popping facts from the survey was that nearly one in five of us see polyamory – the once very niche, now more talked-about coupling that accepts, or even prefers multiple partners – as the perfect set-up. Straight guys are bigger fans of multiple partner relationships than straight girls.

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