Blogging Things

12 October 2010

 Two-headed Russian ocarina by marthasadie
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Two-headed Russian ocarina by marthasadie

‘Things’ opens today, but is empty. Over the next week we’re looking to you, the public, to fill the shelves with your meaningful, fantastic and curious objects.

This exhibition is happening online as well as in our galleries. Our calendar of things will fill up slowly with objects from the gallery as they are accessioned and photographed, so you can browse through them and find out more. If you can’t make it to the gallery or just can’t bear to let go of your treasured object, but you want to participate, you can take a photo for us and add it to our Flickr pool.

And as with pictures, so with words. For the next week and a half, we’re turning the Wellcome Collection blog over to the gallery floor. The team at work in the gallery of Things will add posts detailing the unusual additions, curious stories, mysterious benefactors and strange events as we build our collection. Follow the narrative here as it grows.