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B-Floor Theatre


B-Floor Theatre is Thailand's vanguard physical theatre company. Their performances often involve little or no script, focusing instead on highly visual and sensory storytelling that can communicate across borders of language and culture.

While in residence, B-Floor travelled to a number of the centre's rural research units. At the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit on the Thai- Myanmar border, one of the challenges for researchers is that nine different languages are spoken. B-Floor also visited Ubon Ratchathani, which has the highest rate in the world of melioidosis, a potentially lethal bacterial infection affecting rice farmers who pick up the germ from the soil.

The outcome of their residency - Survival Games - was a humorous interpretation of the endless struggle between humans and ever-mutating diseases, driven by the inherent survival instincts of both.

Research centre: Wellcome Trust- Mahidol University- Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Programme, Bangkok, Thailand