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7 February 2010

 Lapham's Quarterly: Medicine
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Lapham's Quarterly: Medicine

It came out last year, but we still think it’s worth a mention. The gorgeously illustrated ‘Lapham’s Quarterly’ recently turned its tangential attention to Obama’s healthcare reforms with an issue on medicine. The quarterly’s characteristic mixture of contemporary and historical sources builds up an almost dizzyingly multifaceted picture of the discipline. Here is an explanation of Yin and Yang in 2650 BC, there is Montpellier’s 14th century Diagnostic Manual, and here in the present is Barbara Ehrenreich, confronting her own cancer diagnosis.

Much of the content is online, but it’s worth getting hold of a physical copy if you can: it’s satisfying to hold and beautifully illustrated. Only one complaint to make… looking through the picture credits it seems they hadn’t used anything from Wellcome Images. For shame!