Wellcome Collection is growing

In August 2013 we embarked on a major development project to transform Wellcome Collection into a bigger and bolder venue. We're opening up more areas to the public, expanding our gallery space and installing a dramatic new spiral staircase.

We will remain open throughout the development, with a flexible programme of exhibitions and events, but some of our galleries will close temporarily.

Please see our calendar to find out what will be open for your visit

If you would like to drop in to see where we're heading, our cafe and shop will be open as usual.

What's open now?

  • The 'Medicine Man' gallery is currently closed.
  • The 'Medicine Now' gallery is open, but some parts of the gallery are not available
  • Wellcome Cafe and shop will be open throughout the development.
  • The Wellcome Library is open. Find out more, including opening times.
  • Other events and happenings will take place on and off-site. Find out more

Want to know more about what to expect in 2014? Find out more about the development project

Image: Wellcome Collection development, spiral stair © Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Stirling Prize-winning architects Wilkinson Eyre are transforming Wellcome Collection into a bigger and bolder venue.

Are you open? Yes, we expect Wellcome Collection to remain open during the development works

Every week we'll be asking a new question on Twitter and in the Medicine Now gallery